Operating principle


The VIMIN ventilation device provides fresh indoor air without the usual disadvantages such as draught, dust, and noise. The device is positioned between the radiator and the wall. The radiator can be a hot-water or electric radiator, new or old.

The ventilation device operates with negative pressure caused by ventilation, and the device divides the outside air in the room into three parts. The air comes into the device through an outside air louvre and a duct in the wall, and flows out of the device and into the room partly through the ports at the ends of the device, using the radiation heat directed from the radiator to the wall, which is often partly wasted.

The outside air is introduced into the living space from between the device and the radiator through an ejector jet which takes along warm indoor air. Even in wintertime, the outside air will warm up and not cause a draught, even if the radiator is not always on.

In heating the air, the device also utilises the free energy provided by the sun, the lighting and people’s actions. The device also evaporates snow and moisture coming from the outside eliminating water damages from the indoor air.


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