Installing the VIMIN ventilation device in a renovation location

Step 1


Check the position of the old radiator in relation to the outer wall, as well as the positions of the radiator brackets.

There should be a 5mm flow gap between the box (thickness 40mm) and the radiator.

Should the old brackets clash with the device box, they need to be moved.

Step 2


Check the old piping of the radiator. See if the necessary gap is provided without separate S-bends.

Detach the old radiator from the heat piping and brackets.

Set the radiator aside to await re-installation.

Step 3


Drill a through hole into the outer wall for the duct to be installed in the wall.

The mounting level of the through hole is ca. 90mm to 150mm from the top of the radiator to the centre of the duct.

In case you need to position the duct too deep for maintenance, you can use our optional Vimstaaki extension parts, available as accessories.

Step 4


Install the air duct with the outside air louvre e.g. through a window.

Seal the gaps between the hole and the air duct with an appropriate sealant.

Step 5


To prevent outside air from coming through the outer wall’s insulator gap, also seal the junction of the inner wall and the duct as required.

Push the sealed inner connector into the wall duct.

Push the box right to the wall.

Step 6


Fasten the box to the wall from both ends with a screw and a washer.

Fastenings are included with the device.

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