AIR DUCT (in the middle)

  • Comes with an aluminium USAV outside air louvre.
  • Length ca. 240mm to 400mm, differing measurements must be specified when ordering.
  • The aluminium louvres are available powder painted in a range of colours. Please check the colour options when ordering.

In prefabricated construction, a regular spiral-weld duct or a plastic drainpipe can be used when installing the duct in the casting, both available in plumbing and HVAC stores. The outside air louvre will be an aluminium or plastic grille as planned.

VIMVAIM-100 muffler (middle right)

  • Further improves the sound insulation characteristics (36dB) in a very noisy environment.
  • The length of the silencer that is installed inside the air duct will be determined by the thickness of the outer wall. The length of the silencer must be specified when ordering.

MUFFLING PLATES (middle front)

  • Installed into the hollows on the device box ends.
  • Installation together with the device or as retrofitting.
  • No need to detach the radiator.

VIMSTAAKI extension parts

  • In case you need to position the device box too deep between radiator and the wall for maintenance, you can fit the damper adjusting levers and the filter lifting handle with extension parts, to be fixed at the installation location.


  • The gap between the radiator and the wall should be adjusted appropriately (ca. 45mm to 5omm) with. e.g. adapters fitted on to the brackets.
  • Brackets and adapters are available from e.g. radiator manufacturers Radiaattoritehdas Salomaa Oy and Uurrelevy Oy.
  • The radiator can usually be moved without changing the piping.
  • If necessary, conversion parts for the piping are available from IP-Produkter Oy.

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