With the VIMIN ventilation device, you can avoid the annoyances of draught, dust, and noise usually related to the introduction of outside air.

The patented VIMIN ventilation device is completely different from all other ventilation devices installed behind a radiator.

With the help of VIMIN, the incoming air is heated primarily through mixing it into the indoor air, and not mainly based on the warmth of the radiator.

The VIMIN device is a popular ventilation device in Finland, with ca. 50,000 devices installed since 1997, and is an excellent choice especially for renovation locations and new constructions.

Take a look at the VIMIN animations on renovation and construction locations!

Even the ventilation of patient rooms in old hospitals can easily and inexpensively be improved with the Vimin devices. The cleaning and even sterilization of the devices is easily arranged.

The device can also be used as a filtering ventilation device for small cleanrooms such as switchboards or computer rooms.

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